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Employment Today Cover 184

Future proofing HR Future-proofing HR
Technology is powering a cultural and organisational shift in the workplace. Margaret Agnew looks at the trends that affect HR—from social media to big data—and explains how to be an HR innovator and technology integrator and future-proof your HR practice. READ MORE
Typical family Family matters
Coping with the demanding dual roles of parent or caregiver and paid employee can be a challenge. Raewyn Court talks to some workers about their experiences, and finds out what it means to be part of a family friendly workplace. READ MORE
Young woman juggling demands Balancing act
Juggling the demands of work and parenting is likely to be one of the hardest balancing acts parents will face. Kerryn Parke takes a look at how parents can ensure a smooth return to work and how employers can support them.
Man threatening a woman Domestic violence: A workplace issue
Lost productivity caused by domestic violence costs the wider New Zealand economy at least $368 million per year, says Asher Goldman. It’s a major issue affecting people’s lives at work, their ability to retain jobs, and to do them well.