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Employment Today Cover 181

woman and a man with different sized piggy banks Even money
Across the market, women are paid less than men at the same organisational level. Gender pay inequity in New Zealand organisations is an issue we simply canít afford to ignore, says Jocelyn Anso. READ MORE
young people looking into the future Future focus
Todayís young people are three times more likely than their parents to be out of work. Itís a crisis that is echoing around the world, and New Zealandís youth have not been left out. Duncan Greive checks out two local projects that are helping to break the cycle and transform young lives.
3 girls waiting for an interview Fit for the future: Student Job Search
Employment for undergraduate students used to be about covering rent or putting food on the table until you graduated. These days, itís an essential step on the job ladder and an effective way to kick-start a fulfilling career. Peter Graczer reports.
Young man earing odd socks Spot the difference
Making the right pay decisions is a tough process; however, research tells us pay differentiation really pays off, says Una Diver. She explains the right way to distribute increases and make a big difference to motivation.